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Rodent damage or infestation is one of the main reasons for insulation removal. Insulation is warm, dry, and secluded from predators and elements making it their ideal nesting place. When rodents live in your insulation, it poses many health risks for the homeowners. These health risks are the reason it is recommend to have professionals remove your insulation. It is the most effective way to limit the exposure of you and your family to harmful rodent-borne viruses that remain after the rodents infestation.

Employee doing a remediation service
How We Service

Before we begin, we remove or cover all personal belongings with plastic to keep your items clean. Then, to ensure not to contaminate the house, we will seal off the work area from the living space including any air ducts leading into the infestation. We then remove and dispose of the infected insulation along with any dead rodents and carcesses. After everything is removed, we begin to clean the area by HEPA vacuuming, sanitizing any infected areas and wiping down all the affected surfaces.

What Can You Do?

The most effective way to avoid rodent infestation in your insulation is to notice the signs of rodents in the first place. Common signs of rodents living in your house include droppings, gnawed plastic of furniture, or rodent tracks or sightings. If you see any of these, call the office at 508-771-5008 to schedule pest control before they nestle into your insulation.

What We See
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