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Ticks and Mosquitoes

Fowler & Sons offers professional, effective tick and mosquito control for the Cape Cod and Plymouth areas. Our programs are organic-based, and we offer an option for just tick control, as well as combined tick and mosquito control.  Let Fowler & Sons treat for these problem pests so you can enjoy the summer without worry or concern for your children and pets.

Tick with dog hair

Tick Control

Our organic tick program consists of 3 treatments yearly in Spring, Summer and Fall. These are timed based on the tick life cycles, and target perimeter areas, ground cover, beds, and other areas of tick habitat around your yard.

Tick and Mosquito Control

Our organic tick and mosquito program consists of 6 treatments yearly, from April through September. Applications will be performed a bit closer together during the height of mosquito season. We target the tick habitat around the yard as well as shady and sheltered areas where adult mosquitoes tend to rest.

Event Spraying

We also offer one-time tick and mosquito treatments for parties, weddings or other special events. These are typically done 24-48 hours beforehand for best results. To schedule a free, no boligtion inspection, call the office at 508-771-2847 or email

Mosquito on Skin
What Can You Do?

In order to safely enjoy your time in your yard this season, it's crucial to avoid exposure to ticks. You can help achieve this by keeping your grass regularly mowed, removing leaf litter and brush from around your yard (deer ticks especially love hanging out in it), and wearing light colored, long pants when working in the yard. It's also important to eliminate any standing water around the property, to help with mosquitoes. For the best protection, and added piece of mind, give us at Fowler and Sons a call for a free, no obligation estimate for your property.

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