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Turf Management

Keeping grass green in New England’s widely-varying climate can be a challenge. An attractive lawn doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires effort and maintenance. The problems associated with lawn upkeep in New England can be unique. There are all types of funguses and diseases, as well as other problems, that can afflict a lawn in the New England area.


Healthy lawns depend on many factors including adequate water, sunlight, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Lawn growth also depends on nutrients or essential elements absorbed by roots from the soil. When natural soil processes do not provide adequate supplies of these essential elements, fertilizer can be applied to maintain optimum turfgrass growth. Fowler and Sons Turf Programs will provide your lawn the necessary nutrients in the required amounts and at the proper time to achieve desirable lawn qualities and healthy turfgrass plants.

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How We Service

To ensure that your lawn thrives all season long, Fowler and Son's 5-Step Lawn Care Program delivers the fertilizers, weed controls, and specialty herbicides your lawn needs through 5 timely visits. If your lawn needs something specific, our technicians will make recommendations to you - and you can decide on any further treatments. With Fowler and Son's 5-Step Program, you can be confident of great results!

Fowler and Sons practices an alternative to traditional pest control called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest and lawn management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. This approach uses treatments that stress the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment within the most economical means. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control and fertilization methods, is used to manage pest damage and lawn treatment. 

5 Step Program

Early Spring Fertilizer and Crabgrass Control: This treatment is a balanced fertilizer for color and growth as your lawn comes out of winter. A pre-emergent crabgrass control is also applied which prevents crabgrass from growing. Spot spray weeds as needed. -Early Summer Fertilizer and Crabgrass Control: This treatment promotes a healthy root growth and prepares your lawn for the rigors of summer. We apply another pre-emergent crab grass control with fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. The second application for crabgrass control is needed due to the changes in climate here in the northeast over the past few years. With the warmer days , the pre-emergent has been breaking down sooner so some control is lost so we reapply the pre-emergent.lawn spray Summer Application Fertilizer and Grub Control: This treatment is designed to help keep your lawn strong through the tough summer and we also apply a Grub Preventative to those lawns that need it. Broadleaf weeds are spot treated as necessary and insects are also treated if found. Fall Application Fertilizer and Weed Control: The prime objective of this application is to promote recuperative growth and color. A complete seasonal fertilizer is applied. A broadleaf weed control treatment and insect treatment are also applied if needed. Late Fall Application Fertilizer and Limestone :This treatment is a low nitrogen fertilizer with granular limestone which is very important to keep the pH level of your lawn where it should be. This is designed to help develop your root system for the winter and give your lawn a faster green up in the spring.

Custom Program

Not all lawns will require a full service program. When you schedule an appointment for a technician to take a look at the lawn and go over your needs we can determine, with you, whether your lawn would do better with a custom lawn program or with the standard lawn program. Optional servies include core aeration, vegetation control, poison ivy control, disease control, lawn aeration, and soil analysis.

Organic Programs 

Organic fertilizers improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. They are made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals and are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. However, transitioning your lawn to organic takes an initial investment of more time and money as compared to our traditional fertizer program. If you are willing to have the time and patience it takes to be committed to an organic lawn then talk to our turf team to get you started. Learn more here.

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What Can You Do?

Weeds aren't the only thing standing between you and the lush lawn of your dreams. Using our programs, your lawn can flourish and be an enjoyable part of your home, but it does require some effort on the part of the homeowner as well. Mowing and watering habits have a direct impact on the lawn. Cutting too low in the summer months as well as not watering, or watering too much, can be counterproductive.

What We See
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